Amala Hospital, located in Thrissur district, has been a prominent healthcare institution in the region. In an effort to enhance its visibility and engagement with the community, Amala Hospital partnered with Koncepts Lab to revamp its hoarding designs. This case study aims to explore the impact of the change in the creative approach of hoardings initiated by Koncepts Lab.


Amala Hospital, known for its commitment to quality healthcare, wanted to strengthen its connection with the local community. The existing hoardings were traditional, featuring real photos of the hospital and medical staff. Koncepts Lab proposed a shift towards creative and trendy designs with symbolic elements and captivating captions to make the hoardings more visually appealing.


The primary objectives of the initiative were:
a. Increase attention levels towards Amala Hospital hoardings.
b. Enhance design creativity and attractiveness of the hoardings.
c. Improve the quality of captions to convey a strong message.
d. Evaluate the acceptance of the new creative approach among the public.


Data was collected through surveys conducted in Thrissur district to gauge public response to the new hoarding designs. The key parameters considered were attention levels, design creativity, caption quality, overall attractiveness, and creative acceptance.


The survey results revealed the following percentages:
a. Attention Level: 87%
b. Design Creativity: 87.5%
c. Caption Quality: 90%
d. Attractiveness: 90%
e. Creative Acceptance: 100%
These findings indicate a positive shift in public perception towards the new creative approach, with all parameters showing a significant improvement.

Public Perception

The public response to the creative and trendy captions, along with symbolic designs, surpassed expectations. Respondents appreciated the departure from traditional approaches, finding the new hoardings more engaging and memorable. Symbolic designs and trendy captions were particularly well-received, contributing to the overall success of the initiative.

Koncepts Lab's Role

Koncepts Lab played a crucial role in conceptualizing and implementing the creative change. Their expertise in understanding the local demographic, blending symbolism with modern designs, and crafting captivating captions contributed to the success of the project.


The shift in the creative approach of Amala Hospital's hoardings, spearheaded by Koncepts Lab, has proven to be highly successful. The increased attention levels, design creativity, and overall attractiveness have not only improved the hospital's visibility but have also strengthened its connection with the community. This case study demonstrates the positive impact of embracing creativity and modern design in traditional advertising mediums.