As we live in a world of digital opportunities, every business has a presence online and offline. We see digital everywhere, from social media accounts to websites, blogs, apps, etc. The rising popularity of all things digital has led to an increased demand for professionals who have expertise in handling different kinds of online content and services. These professionals are known as Digital Marketers, and their responsibility is to market products or brands through various forms of social media channels or search engines like Google. Digital marketing and digital branding are two terms that marketers, agencies, and companies alike regularly toss around. Both of these concepts are important to the success of any business, and each one plays a unique role in the marketing mix. If you’re just starting out in your marketing career or want to update your existing skillset, it’s helpful to understand the difference between digital marketing and digital branding.

Digital Branding

Though both digital marketing and digital branding set the end goal to grow the customer base and maintain an excellent level of sales, digital branding does it differently. Instead of simply featuring the product’s importance, it goes more into the impact of the brand as a whole. It showcases the brand’s values and culture – and creates an implicit connection between those main brand elements and the products they need to sell.

A well-made digital branding makes customers feel personally involved with the brand. Well-crafted branding fosters relationships with users and allows you to speak directly with consumers through day-to-day interactions on their already-using platforms. The increased customer loyalty and an effective brand image creation are the major benefits from digital branding.

Koncepts Lab has developed a great collection of digital branding campaigns as below;

#1 JUNE 5 Environment Day

Here, without mentioning any of the products or services, the design speaks a lot about the social commitment of the brand by connecting the logo with the nature concept.


Instead of describing the product/service, the brand’s insight on inspiration towards success has been quoted here.


Simply creating a brand awareness without revealing the product features.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves the digital channels to market products and services to increase sales and reach customers. Digital marketing uses mobile devices, websites, search engines, social media, and similar channels to support sales and marketing. It is a sale generator that concentrates more on product/service features.

Below mentioned are some examples of digital marketing

  • Website Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • SMS Messaging

Some of the digital marketing campaigns done by Koncepts Lab have been mentioned here.




For every business the most important thing is to reach customers. Digital media is the best platform to connect and engage with customers in this era. Digital marketing is designed to capture leads and sell products. Digital branding is a necessity to create relationships and engage customers. In both cases, the end goal is to grow the customer base and maintain a great level of business growth.